ODOT to Install Barrier Fencing at Construction Sites


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Friday, January 12th) Ohio – The death of a 22-year-old man near Toledo sparks action by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

ODOT Spokesperson, Matt Brunning explained last year Marquis Byrd was killed when a sandbag crashed through his windshield after it was thrown from a highway bridge.

“We were replacing the vandal fencing, which is what we call that fencing you see along the walls of our bridges mostly in our urbanized area over high-traffic highways,” said Brunning. “It appears that some teenagers allegedly got a hold of a sandbag and threw that over the bridge. There was, at that point, no fencing up on the bridge.”

Brunning confirmed that in light of the tragedy, ODOT is taking steps to make highways safer.

“We have decided to make a policy change to where if we are replacing existing vandal fencing or we are working on a bridge that is getting vandal fencing we will have the contractor put up a temporary fence.”

The agency is working to finalize the plan as soon as possible.

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