Michele Spring Reporting:

(Monday, April 9th) The New Philadelphia Health Department is asking for the public’s assistance in looking for a small grayish dog. The dog has short fur and is reportedly wearing a collar with tags on it. An individual was bitten on Saturday, April 7th in the vicinity of 1st Dr. NE and Minnich Ave. NE.

Director of Environmental Health Lee Finley says he’s hopeful residents will be on the lookout for the small dog.

“A resident was bending down to try and read the tags. That’s when the dog bit down on her thumb. I don’t know if the dog was scared or if he has a habit of biting or not. We would like to caution residents from getting friendly with the dog. We do need to know if they do see that dog or know who it belongs to.”

The dog needs to be in quarantine until April 17th.

“We just want to make sure that the dog is alive after a 10-day quarantine period just to make sure this individual doesn’t need rabies shots.”

If officials cannot locate the dog, this individual will have to undergo a series of shots because rabies is a fatal disease and there is no way to stop it once it gets into the neurological system.

Finley urges residents that when you come in contact with a stray dog to be extremely cautious.

“When you see a stray dog, approach the situation with caution. The dog may be sitting there wagging its tail but they don’t know the dog, and it’s very easy to spook a dog and it may take something that the person does as threatening even though with their own dog it’s not.”

If anyone has any information regarding this dog or its whereabouts, please contact the New Philadelphia Health Department at (330) 364-4491 ext. 1208, the New Philadelphia Police Department at (330)343-4488, or the Tuscarawas County Dog Warden at (330)339-2616.

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