Michaela Madison Reporting

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) Officials are showing concern following two Rover Pipeline spills last week, one in a wetland near the Tuscarawas River in Navarre.

Tuscarawas County Commissioner Joe Scarretti, noted anything that happens upstream of the river, should be of concern to the county.

“Anything that happens along that proximity we should be concerned about. Everything that I’ve seen is that they were on it, they mitigated the spills.”

Scarretti went on to say that unfortunately with major projects like this one, mistakes are likely to be made.

 “If we’re doing our job then we should know that too and be familiar with it. So, yea that was concerning. But it looks like they’re on top of it and hopefully they’ll learn from those mistakes.”

Co-Founder of Sustainable Wildlife Area Restoration Movement (SWARM), Rome Marinelli added that it is critical to protect the wetlands, which offer a home to a variety of wildlife.

“These biologically diverse areas are very sensitive to even minor changes so pollutants, especially on a large scale, can seriously threaten the biological diversity of the area.”

The 713-mile pipeline moves natural gas from the Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale well fields in eastern Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to connect with the Vector Pipeline in southeastern Michigan.

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