Ohio Bucks National Trends on Blue Collar Good Jobs Growth

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(Monday, December 4th) Ohio – A new report shows that many states have added well-paid, blue-collar jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, but Ohio is among the 16 states with fewer of these jobs.

The report, released from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, reveals that between 1991 and 2015, nearly half of states added good blue-collar jobs that don’t require a B-A.

Neil Ridley with the Center explains nearly 233-thousand good jobs for non-B-A workers have been lost in the state, in manufacturing alone. But the picture isn’t all bleak.

“Even after a lot of the declines we found there is still quite a few good jobs for workers without a Bachelor’s degree, especially in manufacturing.”

He says more good jobs in Ohio today are concentrated in skilled-services industries and are evenly split between workers with bachelors’ degrees and those without. The researchers defined a “good job” as one with a starting salary of 35-thousand dollars.

J-P Morgan Chase partnered on the research, and its Head of Workforce Initiatives, Chauncy Lennon says there is an important message here: Opportunities are out there for high-school graduates and people with some post-secondary education or training.

The research also found more good jobs are going to associates degree holders than workers with no more than a high-school diploma. Jeff Robinson with the Ohio Department of Higher Education says the state is working to make post-secondary credentials, certificates and degrees more attainable for students from all walks of life, with all future career goals.

The report says about 35 percent of non-B-A workers have good jobs in Ohio. That’s lower than the national average of 40 percent.

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