Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, December 11th) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Aging is encouraging older adults to stay warm throughout the winter months and to have a plan in place.

Older individuals are more susceptible to colds and other health-related problems related to hypothermia.

Department Director Beverly Laubert explains that this condition happens when a person’s body temperature gets too low, and aging can advance the likelihood of getting hypothermia outdoors or indoors.

“Make sure that the heat is working as it should pay attention when you’re speaking with someone, watch for slurred words, slowed speech, or changes of skin color. All of those things are indicators.”

Income eligible Ohioans can keep the heat on through the HEAP Winter Crisis Program by applying through HARCATUS Tri-County.

Laubert adds that family, friends, and neighbors are asked to check on older individuals during colder weather through face to face visits or verbally talking over the phone.

People of all ages are encouraged to dress for colder weather by wearing loose clothing layers, and putting on a hat and scarf to not lose a lot of body heat.

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