<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Friday, May 18th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – A task force has been assembled to discover a solution to possibly restore the railroad connection between Dennison and New Philadelphia.

Members are tasked with the job to create a plan showing rail owner, CSX Railroad, the need and how the reconnection can be profitable for the company.

City Mayor Joel Day says that the thought process began with conversations and the economic potential the transportation system has.

Day adds that for the city, there is the potential to create a railroad station hub along the line.

The railway is abandoned between Midvale and Dennison with about 1.6 miles of track that needs replaced costing up to $2 million.

Dennison Depot Museum Director Wendy Zucal points out that the restoration would be beneficial for not only New Phila but for the depot.

“It would allow us to do excursions north on the line so that we can connect the Dennison Depot with Schoenbrunn and things in New Philadelphia all the way up to Dover. It’s always been a big dream of ours to do train rides back and forth between Warther’s.”

Along with Day and Zucal, Task Force members are Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Robinson, OMEGA Executive Director Jeannette Wierzbicki (Wears-bick-e), Blair Hillyer with the County CIC, local railroad consultant Mike Conner, and Economic Development Director Scott Reynolds.

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