Mary Alice Reporting –

The investigation is still on-going for an armed robbery in the City of New Philadelphia near Giant Eagle.

The Police Department is working to solve the theft; however, a lack of information is stalling the process.

Detective Captain Shawn Nelson explains that the September 12th incident occurred at roughly 8:30pm at the Hispanic convenience store on Bowers Avenue.

“Units learned that the male employee was counting money at the counter when a male subject walked in and brandished a handgun. Caused so much fear to the employee that he ran out the back door. Checking video, we learned that the subject was in the building for like 14 seconds.”

The suspect was able to leave with a large amount of money totaling over a couple thousand dollars.

Nelson says they did retrieve footage from cameras across the street at the time the suspects were running, but poor quality has put a halt in the investigation. Multiple videos were posted to the department’s Facebook page in an effort to engage the community’s help to hopefully identifying a person’s walk or if someone realizes they may have been in the area at the time.

“It’s kind of odd that we found a man and a woman causally walking in-front of the building. We believe that, if they weren’t involved, they might have information that would be useful.”

Detectives are asking homeowners in the immediate area of Bowers Ave. with security cameras to check for any suspicious activity at the time of the robbery.

Nelson says any tips called into the department at 330-343-4488 would remain anonymous.

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