Policy Approved for Arming Staff Members

<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

The Indian Valley School Board is moving forward with a plan to arm select staff members.

This week the board approved a resolution authorizing plan.

Superintendent Ira Wentworth explained that selected staff will be required to meet training requirements.

“To prepare a person to meet the OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer Training Academy) standard and if they do then they’ve met part of the boards requirements, and if not then they would not be authorized to participate.” 

Wentworth explained this policy is designed to provide a deterrent toward any violent behavior.

“Particularly in a rural community, where there may be only one police officer on duty in a small town and it takes a while for County Sheriff’s to reach our school building. It’s just an extra layer of protection.”

Following the training, the Board will consider the training the individual participated in before voting whether or not to approve the staff member’s participation in the school’s safety plan.

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