Pro Football HOF Looks to Host Regular Season NFL Game


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Wednesday, October 11th) The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton is proposing that the NFL schedule a regular season game at organization’s stadium on the league’s 100th birthday.

HOF Executive Director Joe Horrigan explained that NFL executives have given an open ear to the idea.

“It’s an idea that we’ve floated and certainly it’s been at least well enough received that it’s an open conversation.”

Horrigan added that with Canton as the birthplace as the NFL, it makes sense to honor the game in a big way in the city on September 17th, 2020.

“That would be a great opportunity for us to kind of take the league and charge on a celebration of that specific date. Celebrate it here in Canton, Ohio over a period of that weekend, starting with that Thursday game. That would be pretty spectacular, we think.”

The 2019-2020 NFL season is also when the Hall of Fame hopes to have the Johnson Control Center’s Hall of Fame Village completed, which will include state of the art sports facilities, five-star hotels, shopping centers and more.

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