<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, September 11th) A father, educator, and councilman is asking everyone to pause for a minute today to remember the September 11th tragedy.

In 2001, four planes were hijacked by an extremist group. Two planes were flown into the twin towers in New York City, a third struck the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania.

New Philadelphia Central Elementary Principal and Councilman John Zucal says that he, like many, remembers where he was when the attacks occurred.

“I was sitting in my office as a building principal and I got a call from my wife, and she said did you hear. She went on to elaborate on what happened at the Twin Towers, and I’ll never forget that day, and I’ll never forget some of the children at school realizing something had happened, and we tried to minimize that as best as we could.”

At Central Elementary, everyone in the building will observe a moment of silence today and Zucal asks everyone to pause and reflect.

“Just to give our due respect at the moment because it was such an I think life changing and a nation-changing event. So unexpectedly and so horrific, and how it impacted so many groups.”

According to www.History.com, on 9/11, around 3,000 people lost their lives in the attacks.

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