Rover Pipeline to Donate Thousands to Tuscarawas County

Michaela Madison Reporting

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) Tuscarawas County may see thousands donated toward a historical preservation project involving the county courthouse.

Commissioner Kerry Metzger explained that the Rover Pipeline has promised $50,000 to the project.

“Through the historic preservation fund. One of the pipelines had inadvertently tore down a historic structure apparently. There was an agreement that they would set aside $1 million to the Historic Connection down in Columbus.”

That money is then set to be distributed among counties in which the pipeline will travel through.

Metzger said the money locally will be used towards the Dome Reservation Project set to begin later this year.

“We have an opportunity now to revert the dome to its historical structure in which it was made back in, I believe, the 1800s. We had the three ladies of justice on top of the dome.”

The potential $50,000 grant in addition to $40,000 the county already planned to set aside, will leave a remaining $20,000 needed for the project.

He added that the historic eagle on top of the dome now will be move to another location of significance in the county.

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