Mary Alice Reporting –

A scam alert has been issued regarding an individual who is claiming to be from the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell issued a statement, noting that the caller is demanding money by claiming someone owes the courts.

Citizens in Tuscarawas and Holmes County have received these calls from an individual claiming to be from the Tuscarawas Sheriff’s Office named Jon Specht. The caller then states a judge order an arrest warrant unless money is paid immediately. In another insistence, the scammer needed bond money.

Campbell stresses that no one from the sheriff’s office or even a court employee would call with this type of demand, especially asking for payments through gift cards.

A Holmes County individual unfortunately fell victim to the scam to the tune of $11,000 purchased in gift cards.

Residents are reminded that caller ID cannot be trusted with advanced spoofing technology, no government official at the local, state, or federal level will demand money over the phone and will never ask for gift card payments.

Scammers are very well rehearsed and sound convincing, but again, Campbell noted that scare tactics and money demands would never be made by an official agency.

Anyone suspicions of a caller is advised to hang-up immediately and to not provide any information and to report it to local law enforcement. 

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