<p>Michele Spring Reporting:

(Friday, September 07, 2018) New Philadelphia, Ohio – The New Philadelphia Health Department has been notified of a second bat that tested positive for the rabies virus.

This comes after the first bat was found two weeks ago in the Schoenbrunn Estates area.

Director of Environmental Health Lee Finley said the two bats do not seem to be related as to location.

“The second one was in the southwest section of the city, south of Broadway and the 250 interchanges there. So, it more than likely was not from the same bat colony.”

The second bat was killed by a family pet cat. That cat has since been humanely euthanized. The cat owners are currently seeking post-exposure treatment.

Finley warns residents if they notice an animal acting sick or unusual in manner, never touch it or any dead animal.

“If somebody finds a dead bat, we don’t need that. The only bats that we want or the state wants for the testing is if somebody, either a pet or person, has been exposed.”

The health department reminds residents that bats themselves are not the problem and only a very small percentage of animals carry the rabies virus.

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