Senate Passes the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Monday, December 4th) Ohio – Senator Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, is applauding the Senate for passing recently passing the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Senator Portman says the Act is said to help save the average Ohio family $2,375 annually, create more jobs and increase wages for American workers.

“We think that tax relief is appropriate right now,” explained Portman. “We think that middle-class families that have not seen an increase in their wages, not just in the last few years but in the last few decades, need a little help.”

According to the Tax Foundation, under the Senate tax reform bill, one million new American jobs would be created including more than 35,000 in Ohio.

However; Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, is in opposition to the tax bill stating, “Tax reform should have been an opportunity to work together to cut taxes for working people. Instead, Washington chose to cut taxes for corporations that send American jobs overseas, blow a hole in the deficit, and pay for it by cutting Medicare and kicking people off their health insurance.”

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