Michele Spring Reporting:

(Friday, December 14, 2018) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – The House and Senate have both approved legislation that will help address Ohio’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. Daniel’s Law would expand access to naltrexone, a drug that helps prevent addicted individuals from relapsing.

Senator Jay Hottinger says Daniel Weidle, of Dayton, passed away in 2015 from an overdose after he was repeatedly denied access to the lifesaving medication used to treat his illness.

“Naltrexone is a prescribed drug that is used to basically block your urge for opiates. So, people have this as a prescription to fight their opiate addiction.”

Senator Hottinger says that Weidle, who was actively seeking treatment, had a prescription that he was unable to get filled.

“There are various reasons sometimes people can’t get their prescriptions filled. Sometimes there are insurance issues or you missed your doctor’s appointment. I live in Newark and I may be in Dover, there are various reasons why you can’t get to your physician. And so the Bill that we did, it allows you to be able to get a free 5-day emergency supply.”

Senator Hottinger says this is a first of its kind, and he hopes this will be a major life-saving measure to fight Ohio’s opioid crisis.

“If someone doesn’t have access to this drug, unfortunately, they resort to using and you may overdose and that was the case of what happened to Daniel Weidle.”

Senate Bill 119 is sponsored by Senator Hottinger and Senator Bob Hackett.

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