Senator Introduces Veteran Protection Bill

Mary Alice Reporting:

(Thursday, February 8th) Ohio – A Massillon man is among many veterans experiencing financial hardships due to overpayments by the U.S. Department of Veterans Administration.

Senator Sherrod Brown explains he spoke with Veteran James Powers about a VA payment issue which coincided with the Veteran’s Debt Fairness Act. He notes that Powers received disability pay through the VA before his retirement in 2016.

“He noticed the army was still paying him his active duty salary. He caught the mistake and he did the honorable thing and notified the VA they were overpaying him, but the VA continued to overpay and then charged him twice to recoup the overpayments.”

Powers, who will join Brown to outline the legislation, says the bill is needed and that the experience has been overwhelming.

“Just by the outpouring of support by the Senator, his staff, and just seeing the legislative process work and potentially help the 20 million veterans that receive care from the VA on a daily basis, and receive benefits, and receive so much that we rightfully earned and are entitled to.”

Some of the points outlined in the Veteran’s Debt Fairness Act are to only allow the VA to collect debts as a result of an error or fraud by a veteran or their beneficiary, require a way for veterans to update their dependency information, and requiring the VA note be able to deduct more than 25% from a veterans monthly payment to recoup debt or overpayment.

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