Senator Says Tax Bill will Help Middle Class, Create Jobs and Boost Wages


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Friday, November 10th) Ohio – A U.S. Senator from Ohio is expressing his support of the new Senate tax bill.

Senator Rob Portman took to the Senate floor this week to share his thoughts on the proposed changes.

“Because we have a tax code that encourages other companies, from foreign countries, to come in and buy our companies, to take our business, to take our market share, to make it harder for U.S. workers to be able to compete and win,” explained Portman. “So, I think its way past time frankly, for us to fix that.”

Portman added the tax form proposal creates several major changes including a tax cut for the middle class and encourages overseas companies to invest in America by creating jobs, expanding plants and equipment.

He noted it would also create more opportunity for workers, citing a study that suggests families would see an additional $4,000 on average.

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