Nick McWilliams reporting – A sentencing with a long list of charges was carried out for 38-year-old Brownie Vosick in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court on Thursday.

With charges ranging from theft, aggravated possessions of drugs, fleeing and retaliation spread over two cases, the sentencing hearing took longer than normal.

While the proceedings were originally intended to start with sentencing for his first string of offense and a status hearing for the others, Assistant Prosecutor Scott Deedrick says plans changed following disagreements between the public defender’s office and the defendant.

“His court-appointed counsel had moved to withdraw as the attorney based on their contact with Vosick. It became clear that Mr. Vosick did not want them to be his attorney. He made certain allegations concerning the public defender’s office [that] they felt put them in a position where they could no longer represent him”

From there, Judge Edward O’Farrell approved the 38-year old to represent himself.

Vosick, who was first taken into police custody while being recognized by a Uhrichsville police officer and driving under a suspended license, attempted to flee the officer.

During the high-speed chase, the pursuing officer witnessed something rather unexpected.

“Strangely enough, in an intersection, the passenger door opened and a passenger, who was also someone known to the Uhrichsville Police Department, jumped out of the vehicle in the intersection. [They] fell out of the car, landed on his lower back, spun around, and it looked like as if his arm was inadvertently ran over by Mr. Vosick in the vehicle.”

After determining the passenger did not need immediate medical attention, officers eventually found Vosick and while he was being taken into custody, he made a threat to the officer who initiated the stop.

Vosick was found to have narcotics in his vehicle during his arrest.

Theft of his grandfather’s wallet and money inside during his probation following the initial arrest added theft from a protected class charges for Vosick.

A three-year sentence of community control sanctions was handed down by judge Edward O’Farrell, along with a three-year restriction in Vosick making steps towards gaining a valid license.

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