Sheriff Discusses Resources to Help Domestic Violence Victims


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Thursday, October 12th) The U.S. Department of Justice defines Domestic Violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner, and it’s one of the most common crimes in Tuscarawas County.

In part four of the Domestic Violence Awareness Series with WTUZ, Sheriff Orvis Campbell explained there are many aspects that are important to discuss throughout the awareness campaign, and he noted the resources available to victims is one of the most important.

“Because I think leaving a situation like this isn’t as easy as most of us think. It’s not as black and white, it’s not as automatic, it’s more of a process,” said Campbell. “Sometimes people start to think about leaving, but can’t leave just yet until they figure a few things out. And that’s what we want them to know that we have some people in the county specifically that can help them with that process.”

Sheriff Campbell explained the 24-hour crisis line offers advice and information for victims in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties.

“You can be assured that you’re going to be connected with somebody that [has] a lot of experience with this.”

The crisis hotline number is 330-339-1427.

Sheriff Campbell added the Harbor House Shelter in New Philadelphia has offered help to victims for years.

“The shelter can provide some temporary living as well as specially trained counselors to help them through the process, to understand why they’ve had trouble leaving, to help them get protection orders and navigate through the court system.”

Next week the Sheriff will again join WTUZ in part five of the Domestic Violence Awareness series to share information with victims regarding the steps through the court system.

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