Michele Spring Reporting:

(Wednesday, January 09, 2019) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office has added another tool to their arsenal. The addition of a commercial grade DJI drone will help officials when they conduct search-and-rescue operations.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell said the drone has many features that could assist someone if they went missing.

“It’s got a thermal imaging camera, so we can view things at night and we can pick up heat sources. It’s got a zoom camera that will allow us to take video and photos from a very far distance away. It does have something called a drop tool and it will actually carry weight. So if we had to get to somebody where they were stranded, we could do that.”

Campbell said this was all made possible because of a donation of over $20,000 from the Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation.

“We began to push for this last February after we had an incident where a young boy got lost in Dover Township in very cold weather. He was found by a helicopter that we were able to get about seven hours later, but we’re pretty convinced that without that helicopter we wouldn’t have been able to find that boy in time for him to be alive.”

The all-weather drone is able to fly in up to 58 mph winds.

Sheriff Campbell also noted the office now has three certified FAA pilots.

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