SNAP: An Important Resource for Ohio Veterans


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Friday, As Ohio joins the nation in commemorating Veterans Day tomorrow (Saturday), new research shows how some anti-poverty programs are helping those who have served their country.

Nick Sunday, a veteran who helps others apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) says only 8 percent of Ohio veterans are utilizing the program.

“That’s kind of sad to see that many veterans needing food. But how many veterans don’t even apply for SNAP? Sometimes people say, ‘Hey, I can get by with food pantries. Give it to somebody who really needs it.’ And I say, ‘No, you do need it, you know?’ I say, ‘Stay here, I’m going to sign you up.’”

According to the Ohio News Connection, Sunday has manned a weekly table at a V-A clinic in Columbus to connect veterans to resources that can help in adjusting to civilian life including SNAP, Medicaid, and utility assistance.

Nationally, about one-and-a-half million veterans live in households that participate in SNAP.

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