Son Hacks Mom’s Live Makeup Tutorial


Michaela Madison Reporting:

(July, 15th) Gnadenhutten, Ohio – We’ve all come across those live makeup tutorials, but this week Facebook got something a little different.

Betty Quillin, of Gnadenhutten, is a makeup artist and her son has apparently seen her do a few live videos.   

14-year-old Sam hijacked his mom’s account, giving her followers a new ‘subtle look’ and plenty of laughs.

“You want to start with your touch mineral foundation. Once you get it around there you just wanna smear it around. Really sloppy.”

Quillin says her son has always been able to put a smile on people’s faces.

“I want to thank my Facebook friends just for sharing it up, and thank Sam I guess for hacking my phone, cause it really did give us a good laugh and a lot of people are enjoying.”

The Facebook video has had nearly 100 comments and over 11,000 viewers.

(You can see the complete “tutorial” by clicking on the picture)

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