State Agency Urges Railroad Track Safety


Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, October, 10th ) Ohio – With three rail lines in Tuscarawas County, residents are urged to practice caution at all railroad crossings.

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Spokesman Matt Schilling says in the state there are over 5,700 railroad crossing, and about half have working lights and gates.

He adds PUCO is reminding motorists, walkers, and bicyclists of a few safety tips when approaching train tracks.

“Approaching the railroad crossing with care, look twice both ways before crossing, and if traffic is starting to back up don’t pull out onto the tracks for traffic to continue. You never know when a train might be coming.”

Schilling adds if you ever do get stuck on railroad tracks there are a few things to do, including turning off the radio, look carefully around a vehicle’s blind spots, and to keeping going even if the crossing lights begin flashing or the gate comes down.

Ohio is the fifth leading state in terms of goods transported by rail, with 36 freight railroads operating approximately 5,300 miles of track.

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