As young athletes begin their sport’s careers, they all have that dream destination to play their respective sport but may never get the opportunity to do so. For young Strasburg softball player, Amelia Spidell, one of her dreams came true in mid June. Amelia is most passionate about softball, and, she and 14 of the best 12 year-old softball players from Ohio and West Virginia formed a team of sisters to represent this region to compete in Oklahoma City as a part of the 2019 USA Softball All-American Games.

The journey for Spidell started about 3 months ago as she, and roughly 240 other 12u softball players went to the initial tryout. From that time to the present, Spidell continued to “make the cut” and a few weeks ago got the call that she was selected as one of the 15. This designation makes Spidell one of only 360 girls nationwide to have the honor of wearing the USA Softball All-American jersey at this elite event. The event itself, hosted in Oklahoma City, is the home of the Softball Hall of Fame and the host of the College World Series each year.

During her time in Oklahoma City Amelia and her parents ( Tom and Veronica ) got to enjoy many memorable experiences. . Spidell noted a few of her fondest memories of the trip were when she “got to meet 3 of the 2019 USA Women’s National team members” which included Michelle Moultrie, Haylie McCleney and Kelsey Stewart. Another memory of the trip was being a part of the opening ceremonies, which took place in the Hall of Fame Stadium. Spidell noted “Coach Sue Enquist gave everyone a very inspiring message during the opening ceremony.” And as a pitcher Amelia’s most memorable moment was when “ I got to pitch part of a game in the Hall of Fame Stadium”. Spidell also jokingly said “I got to take my first Uber”. All in all, this was definitely an experience that Amelia and her parents will never forget. Spidell will now come back with the focus on her high school and college softball careers.

Photos courtesy of Veronic Spidell

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