BIG Z Sports would like to congratulate all of the East District All-Stars this season. It was a pleasure to cover all of you this year. If you’re a Senior we wish you the best of luck in all you do after high school. For those who are coming back next year, work hard during the off season, play multiple sports and continue to be a good teammate.

Division 2

First Team Offense:  
Quarterbacks: Alec Sayre, Dover, 6-0, 195, Senior
Running Back: Kyler Folkert, Dover, 6-0, 180, Senior
Ends: Ethan Snyder, Dover, 6-1, 185, Senior and Jules Freeman, Dover, 6-2, 170, Junior
Linemen: Jeff Bielski, Dover, 6-1, 200, Senior
Kicker: Jack Deneher, Dover, 6-4, 195, Senior
Offensive Player of the Year: Alec Sayre, Dover
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Owen Poland, Dover, 6-6, 210, Senior and  Austin Ward, Dover, 6-3, 275, Senior
Linebackers: Mason Stutzman, Dover, 5-9, 200, Senior
Backs: Ian Sexton, Dover, 6-0, 175, Senior
Defensive Player of the Year: Chase Kendrick, Tri-Valley
Coach of the Year: Dan Ifft, Dover
Special Mention:
Oshea Williams, Dover
Division 3
First Team Offense:  
Quarterbacks: Bridger Cline, West Holmes, 5-11, 180, Junior and Baron May, New Philadelphia, 6-2, 190, Junior
Running Backs: Cale Ogi, West Holmes, 6-1, 210, Senior.
Ends: Shane Jones, West Holmes, 6-1, 190, Senior, Sam Zemis, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 185, Junior, Jent Joseph, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 150, Junior,  Grady Hay, West Holmes, 5-11, 170, Senior
Linemen: Keaton Macaulay, West Holmes, 6-3, 275, Senior,  Justin Rimer, New Philadelphia, 6-3, 275, Soph, and Noah Fulp, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 235, Senior
Kicker: Mark Biltz, West Holmes, 5-11, 170, Senior
Offensive Player of the Year: Shane Jones, West Holmes.
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Laterrian Cunningham, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 180, Senior, Ike Gilt, West Holmes, 6-2, 270, Senior, and Ryan O’Donnell, West Holmes, 5-6, 170, Senior
Linebackers: Josh Baldridge, West Holmes, 6-1, 190, Senior, and Carrick Miller, West Holmes, 6-0, 190, Senior,
Defensive Player of the Year: Josh Baldridge,West Holmes.
Coach of the Year: Zach Gardner, West Holmes.
Special Mention:
Gavin Sheldon West Holmes, Brady Taylor West Holmes and Evan Snyder West Holmes
Division 4
First Team Offense:
Quarterbacks: Cade Williams, Indian Valley, 6-2, 195, Senior and  Kobe Mitchell, Harrison Central, 6-1, 160, Soph
Running Backs: Caden Hostetler, Indian Valley, 5-7, 150, Senior, Tayveon Crawford, Steubenville, 5-11, 195, Junior, and Tyler West, Harrison Central, 5-11, 165, Senior
Ends: Caden Dalton, Harrison Central, 6-1, 170, Senior and Caden Dalton, Harrison Central, 6-1, 170, Senior
Linemen: Keonte Holmes, Steubenville, 6-4, 260, Senior and Kaleb Brown, Steubenville, 5-10, 250, Senior
Kicker: Ian Phillips, Steubenville, 5-7, 145, Senior
Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Caden Hosteler, Indian Valley and Tayveon Crawford, Steubenville
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Kwadre Williams, Steubenville, 6-0, 220, Senior, Logan Wilson, Calob Dalton, Carrollton, 6-4, 194, Senior and Braden Rostad, Indian Valley, 6-1, 210, Senior
Linebackers: Erik Lulla, Steubenville, 6-0, 185, Senior and  Zach Love, Indian Valley, 5-9, 165, Junior
Ends: Dylan Cunningham, Steubenville, 6-0, 160, Senior
Defensive Player of the Year: Eric Stallion, New Concord John Glenn.
Coach of the Year: Brett McLean, St. Clairsville.
Second Team Offense:
There are no local representatives for Second Team Offense Division 4
Second Team Defense:
Linemen: Cody Gamble, Harrison Central, 6-1, 235, Senior, Jaziah Blackwell, Steubenville, 5-9, 180, Senior, Kole Aubiel, Claymont, 5-10, 230, Senior
Linebackers: Harrison Central, 5-11, 180, Junior, David Tuttell, Steubenville, 6-1, 210, Senior, Tanner Myers, Indian Valley, 6-1, 175, Senior
Backs: Caleb Hostetler, Indian Valley, 5-8, 150, Senior and Braeden Lehigh, Indian Valley, 5-10, 165, Senior
Special Mention:
Karson Hartrick, Indian Valley, Lane Rennard, Indian Valley, Kolby Hartrick, Indian Valley, Brodey Parsons, Indian Valley, Cale McAfee,  Harrison Central, Payton Taylor, Harrison Central, Mark Smith, Harrison Central, Clayton Criss, Steubenville, Antoni Demitras, Steubenville, Caleb Mitchell, Steubenville, Tyler Farrow, Claymont,  Zane Harris, Claymont, Ian Porco, Claymont, Hayden McMath, Claymont, Thomas Zurcher, Claymont, Derek Moreland, Claymont, Rees Bowman, Claymont, Bryce Carte, Carrollton, Teagin Mohn, Carrollton, Brady Benner, Carrollton, Ryan Walker, Carrollton, Trevor Boggess, Carrollton, Connor Clark, Carrollton, Connor King, Carrollton, Brandon Daniels, Carrollton
Division 5
First Team Offense: 
Quarterbacks: Cameron Blair, Sandy Valley, 6-1, 185, Soph and  Gabe Tingle, Ridgewood, 5-10, 165, Frosh
Running Backs: Brendan Obradovich, Sandy Valley, 5-6, 165, Junior
Ends: Brodie Kelly, Sandy Valley. 6-4, 170, Junior and Connor Kunze, Ridgewood, 6-2, 171, Junior
Linemen:  John Evin, Ridgewood, 6-1, 237, Junior
Kicker: Keith Claxon, Ridgewood, 6-0, 175, Senior
Offensive Player of the Year: Davis Black, Byesville Meadowbrook.
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Bryce Kelly, Sandy Valley, 6-6, 215, Senior, and Zach Prater, Ridgewood, 6-1, 290, Soph
Linebackers: Cameron Woods, Sandy Valley, 5-10, 195, Senior, Chase Minet, Ridgewood, 6-0, 187, Junior, and Noah Love, Tusky Valley, 5-9, 180, Junior
Backs: Demetrius Evans, Sandy Valley, 5-8, 155, Soph
Defensive Player of the Year: Brady Blattner, Byesville Meadowbrook.
Coach of the Year: Brian Gamble, Magnolia Sandy Valley.
Second Team Offense:
Running Backs: Kaden Smith,  Ridgewood, 5-11, 191, Junior and Tristin Tesch, Tusky Valley, 5-9, 160, Soph
Linemen: Jedediah Girard, Tusky Valley, 5-8, 270, SeniorSecond Team Defense:
Linebackers: Luke Herron, Tusky Valley, 5-9, 215, Junior, and Isiah Lamneck, Ridgewood, 5-10, 160, Junior
Backs: Koleten Smith, Ridgewood, 5-10, 163, Junior.
Special Mention:
Ethan Love, Tusky Valley; Steven Gilland, Tusky Valley; Toby Grossi, Tusky Valley; Isaiah Schlegel, Tusky Valley; Deontae Brandon, Ridgewood.
Division 6
First Team Offense:
Quarterbacks: Zach Grafton, Buckeye Trail, 5-11, 171, Senior, and Dawson Ley, Garaway, 6-0, 190, Junior
Running Backs: Matthew Mullen, Garaway, 5-9, 160, Junior
Linemen: Colson Starner, Garaway, 5-11, 210, Junior
Kicker: Kurtis Neal, Garaway, 5-11, 145, Junior
Offensive Player of the Year: Anthony Coggins, Shadyside
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Ethan Roden, Garaway, 6-3, 211, Senior
Linebackers: Kory Stress,  Garaway, 6-2, 187, Senior
Backs: Gavin Little, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 130, Junior
Punter: Dylan Hershberger, Garaway, 5-11, 164, Senior
Defensive Player of the Year: Chase Chicwak, Shenandoah
Coach of the Year: Eric Huck, Beverly Fort Frye
Second Team Offense:
Running Backs: Brady Winters, Garaway, 5-10, 186, Senior
Linemen: Caleb Wengerd, Garaway, 5-11, 235, Soph
Second Team Defense:
Linemen: Coltin Meek, Newcomerstown, 5-11, 160, Soph
Linebackers: Chase Bryant, Newcomerstown, 6-0, 170, Junior
Backs: Holden Yoder, Garaway, 6-0, 176, Senior
Special Mention:
Gavin Weaver, Newcomerstown, Trenton Newkirk, Newcomerstown, and Garrett Hershberger, Garaway
Division 7
First Team Offense: 
Quarterbacks: Alex Price, TCC, 5-11, 165, Junior and Derk Hutchison, Malvern, 6-0, 180, Soph
Running Backs: Adam Moser, Malvern, 5-8, 165, Soph, and Jerrod Willoughby, Strasburg 6-0, 155, Senior
Ends: Antony Fragasse, TCC 5-8, 160, Senior, and Reece Blanchard, TCC  5-11, 150, Senior
Linemen: Dylan Mowery, Malvern, 6-5, 295, Senior,  Paul Buss, TCC 5-10, 215, Junior, and Logan Ueltschy, Strasburg 6-0, 250, Senior
Offensive Player of the Year: Carter Dosch, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans.
First Team Defense:
Linemen: Cordell Tingler, TCC 6-1, 240, Senior, Sam Earl, Malvern, 5-11, 210, Senior, Anthony Fredericks, TCC 6-0, 190, Senior and Joey Schaar, Conotton Valley, 6-4, 300, Senior
Linebackers: Ryan Dick, TCC 6-0, 185, Soph and Kenneth Martin, Malvern, 5-11, 165, Junior
Defensive Player of the Year: Carter Dennis, Hannibal River
Coach of the Year; Casey Cummings, TCC
Special Mention:
Baltazar Miguel, TCC John Clore, TCC, Jake Miller,TCC, Ben Martin, TCC, Cade Renicker,TCC,  Braden Caldwell, Conotton Valley, Mikey Cottis, Conotton Valley; Jimmy McGill, Conotton Valley; Matt Caldwell Conotton Valley, Kris Hostler, Conotton Valley, Kape Shupbach, Strasburg, Zach Chaney, Strasburg Alex Skinner, Malvern, Jacob Cox, Malvern, Jaden Goldsworthy, Malvern, Hunter Worstall, Malvern, Bryson White, Malvern
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