Tax Season Begins, Ohio Benefit Bank Ready to Crunch Numbers


Ohio News Connection

Tax filing assistance is available through the Ohio Benefit Bank, which offers free filing services to most single households with annual incomes below $65,000 and most married households filing jointly with incomes less than $95,000.

Martin Terry with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, which operates the O-B-B says they’re happy to relieve some of the stress of tax season and beyond.

“We hear people that are just overjoyed that they don’t have to pay $200, $300, $400 to have their taxes filed,” said Terry. “Another great thing about the Benefit Bank is we’re not just a tax-filing tool. We also connect people to work-support programs, SNAP, Medicaid. We also help people with energy assistance.”

According to the Ohio News Connection in 2017, the Ohio Benefit Bank helped people prepare more than 60-thousand federal and state tax returns, a number Terry believes will be even higher this year. Ohioans can go to ohiobenefits-dot-org to make an appointment with a trained tax preparer or to file online.