Ohio News Connection

Tax filing assistance is available through the Ohio Benefit Bank, which offers free filing services to most single households with annual incomes below $65,000 and most married households filing jointly with incomes less than $95,000.

Martin Terry with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, which operates the O-B-B says they’re happy to relieve some of the stress of tax season and beyond.

“We hear people that are just overjoyed that they don’t have to pay $200, $300, $400 to have their taxes filed,” said Terry. “Another great thing about the Benefit Bank is we’re not just a tax-filing tool. We also connect people to work-support programs, SNAP, Medicaid. We also help people with energy assistance.”

According to the Ohio News Connection in 2017, the Ohio Benefit Bank helped people prepare more than 60-thousand federal and state tax returns, a number Terry believes will be even higher this year. Ohioans can go to ohiobenefits-dot-org to make an appointment with a trained tax preparer or to file online.