Agencies Push Rover Pipeline to Clean Up its Act

<p>Michaela Madison Reporting

(July 13th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – The Rover Pipeline faces federal orders in addition to a number of others since drilling began in Stark, Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties.

James Lee, Spokesperson with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency explained that the company has ignored three orders issued by the Ohio EPA.

“To take specific steps to be more protective of Ohio’s environment and to clean up the messes that Rover construction has already caused. Rover did not formally respond to any of those three versions,” said Lee.

Lee went on to explain that the Ohio EPA Director has since issued unilateral orders against the company and has also discovered the mud in question was contaminated with diesel fuel.

He explained, “That’s categorized as an industrial waste and certainly we can’t have that in close proximity to public water systems and private wells.”

Lee noted each agency plays a different role in the process with the Ohio EPA focusing on the wellbeing of people and the environment.

“Protecting human health and the environment and making sure that Rover is held accountable,” explained Lee.

The Ohio EPA has also issued $914,000 in citations, which could increase following the discovery of diesel fuel in the mud. Those civil orders will be handled by the Attorney General’s Office.

Lee added that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filed an additional order on Wednesday requiring Rover to properly dispose of diesel-contaminated waste that is in quarries, restore the wetland, monitor private and public water wells near the quarries for at least two years and to remove slurry and drill cuttings from the Tuscarawas River.

Earlier this year FERC also issued an order prohibiting Rover to begin drilling in areas of the state it wasn’t already taking place.

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