<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Friday, February 9th) Ohio – With tax season upon us, Ohio’s Attorney General is sending safety reminders about money scams.

Ryan Lippe, with the AG’s Consumer Education Unit, says that if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS or a police department demanding payment, to take a moment and ask yourself if this would really happen from the organization.

Lippe encourages anyone who receives a call like this to ask for written information about the debt, and if the caller refuses, it’s likely a scam.

“Scam artists often have elaborate stories and often pose as other people. Scam artists often pose as government or law enforcement officials to get you to reveal personal information. Never provide payment by wire transfer or prepaid money card to someone who calls you over the phone or contact you by email. Remember scammers can use technology called spoofing to hide or disguise the number that appears on your caller ID screen.”

He notes if you’re in doubt to simply hang-up and call the organization using a number you know is legitimate.

To learn more visit www.ohioprotects.org.

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