Mary Alice Reporting:

(Monday, December 10th) Zoarville, Ohio – The board of education and superintendent received awards due to local guidance in the Tuscarawas Valley School District.

The 2018 Northeast Region of the Ohio School Boards Association held an annual conference where the Tusky Valley Board was recognized for their leadership.

School Superintendent Mark Murphy explains that the boards’ five members, Chuck Knaack, Sally Green, Amy Burrier, Susan Kaschak, and Dick Gooding, represent around 70 years of combined experience.

“It’s an incredible group of people. They’re all very passionate about what they do and they’re involved and engaged for our students, and for what’s best for our school district. When you look at the board as a whole, there is a lot of strength, and unity, and sustainability.”

<p>At the conference, it was also announced that Murphy was named as the 2018 NE Ohio Superintendent of the Year.

“I just want to really give a shout out to working with a magnificent team of people and I have been incredibly blessed throughout my entire career. It is truly an honor for me.”

He notes that the school district remains focused on serving and improving the education opportunities for current and future students.

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