Nick McWilliams reporting – The Tuscarawas Valley School District has big plans for their future with funds from a pipeline project.

Superintendent Mark Murphy says plans to reorganize the district layout are inching closer to being unveiled.

He adds that the school is extremely grateful for the opportunity they have received.

“We have a big vision to move forward with one campus eventually. And I don’t have a magic timeline, but if it were a magic Mark Murphy timeline, I would say within the next eight to 10 years, everything would be on one campus, Pre-K through 12th.”

The Rover Pipeline runs from Michigan, through Ohio, into West Virginia.

The span through northeastern Tuscarawas County is in the heart of Tusky Valley’s District, which provides tax revenue opportunities.

“None of this would be happening without, the gift if you will, and we don’t take it lightly. We are very grateful. Because our goal is to move forward with a massive facilities project to benefit our district and our community, without taxing our residents. And the only way we can do that is to be very strategic with capturing utility tax revenue.”

The plans would see the district shrink from four buildings to just two, along with renovations to the current high school and facilities such as athletic stadiums.

While most of the proposed work is far into the future, Murphy says that the design process of the first piece could be started within the next year.

“To the left our middle school, it’s a wooded lot right now, and that’s where the new 7th through 12th building would be. That’s our first project, and in fact, I believe that we will start the design phase of that project, probably by November. This November, 2019.”

He adds that he hopes to see the entire project completed within a decade.

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