Nick McWilliams reporting – A fresh, new vehicle has been added to the Uhrichsville Police Department fleet.

The new cruiser, labeled for use by sergeants only on the force, is a 2019 Chevy Tahoe.

Mayor Rick Dorland says that the new vehicle is an asset that alleviates strain on more high-mileage cars used by the department.

“We try to keep up [on servicing.] We keep the old cars if they can be utilized. If not, we put them up for sale. We’ve got two 2014’s, a 2016, a 2017, and then this 2019.”

Dorland says that although vehicles have more longevity now, service bills will pile up more as they begin to wear out, making the decision to buy new units essential.

“When I first started on the PD, we got new vehicles [every] 50 [or] 60 [or] 70,000 miles. Then over the years, they started making them better, so then you’re running them 100 [or] 120 [or] 150,000 miles. When they get that much mileage on them, they start nickel and diming you to death. It’s like riding in a Go-kart.”

Council gave permission to the department to apply for a COPS grant this year during Thursday’s meeting as well.

If awarded the grant, up to 80 percent of the wages and benefits over a three year period will be given to the department over a three-year span.

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