<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Friday, April 13th) A House Bill currently in committee would approve a name change for registered veterinarians technicians and a local instructor is supporting the proposal.

Bill 501, if approved, would change the name from registered veterinary technician to registered veterinary nurse.

Kent State University at Tuscarawas Vet Tech Program Instructor Kinglsy Berlin notes that the description of “nurse” applies to the different things a registered vet tech will do in a clinic.

“We do everything from draw blood, to monitor anesthesia, to assist with surgery. The simple stuff as well, running those laboratory tests, caring for the sick, the old, we release them, and talk to clients. Basically, when you describe our job we are doing a nursing care for animals.”

Berlin points out this is a small but significant change with a bigger purpose putting all vet techs under the same name.

She adds that the name change gives recognition of the work they do so the public can be more comfortable with the range of procedures law allows for registered veterinarian technicians.

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