Michele Spring Reporting:

(Thursday, June 14, 2018) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – Last weekend’s brutal storm wreaked havoc on many homes in the Roswell and surrounding areas.

Director of the Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency Alex McCarthy says they have been out surveying the affected areas with county and statewide officials.

“Our initial goal was to see if we would meet any of the thresholds for state assistance. At this point, I do not believe we are going to meet that threshold. So, now we’re going to start looking for volunteer assistance. Seeing if we can bring in volunteer organizations to kind of help homeowners clean up some of the messes.”

McCarthy said most of the damage reported has been on Echo Lake Road and State Route 39.

“Majority of the damage we’ve seen is flooding in the basements, as well as culverts, parts of driveways, fence posts, and trees being knocked over or washed away.”

Homeowners who were effected by the storm or residents who would like to volunteer are encouraged to call the Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency at 330-308-6670.

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