Mary Alice Reporting –

Recently, a new phone scam has popped up in a neighboring county that indicates a loved one is being held for ransom.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office wanted to make the public aware of this latest scheme where a caller will tell a potential victim that someone is being held hostage and unless payment is made they will be harmed.

So far, the calls dispatchers have received indicated the loved one to be a child, with reports that screams for help can be heard in the background.

The scammers also threaten the person they’ve called if they attempt to ask for help or try to contact the alleged person being held.

The calls do sound convincing and the Carroll County dispatchers will handle the situation as legitimate until verification that it is a scam.

People who have received these calls at first may panic but the sheriff asks anyone receiving this type of call to remain calm, not pay anyone, and to contact their office at 330-627-2141, option 0.

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