Mary Alice Reporting –Ahead of the national month highlighting child support, Tuscarawas County Commissioners unanimously passed a proclamation recognizing local efforts.

The Child Support Program is listed as one of the most effective government programs and in Ohio, collections are at $6.35 for every $1 spent.

Tuscarawas County numbers are even better at $9.21 collected for every $1 spent, says CSEA Director Traci Berry.

“It makes families strong and healthier by reducing reliance on public assistance. Last year, it raised over 600 families out of poverty and studies have shown that children who receive child support do better in school, and are healthier and happier.”

As for Tuscarawas County, she notes that the local CSEA consistently each year is more effective and performs better than the state average.

“We serve over 18,000 men and women and children here in the county, and it’s through the efforts of 25 staff members at CSEA, our partners, and the courts.”

Berry adds that Ohio’s program is the most efficient across the nation as it serves two million parents, children, and relative caretakers and ranks 5th among the top caseloads nationally.

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