Mary Alice Reporting – The Tuscarawas County Health Department is sharing information about possible symptoms after getting the COVID vaccine.

As with any vaccine, some side effects may occur and the health department is providing information about these signs.

Director of Health and Promotion Jennifer Demuth says priority groups in Phase 1A have currently been receiving the vaccine and, with low supplies, roughly 500 are still waiting for the first shot before Phase 1B opens.

Demuth took the time to note what folks may need to expect once vaccinated for COVID-19.

“First, it’s important to note that the COVID 19 vaccine is safe and effective. So far, at the Tuscarawas County Health Department, we have not seen any major adverse reactions in any of the people that we have vaccinated and we are seeing really good results.”

She explains that there are some common side effects that those wishing to get the vaccine should be aware of.

“Someone might have a sore arm in the area where they were vaccinated and some things that they can do is to remember to use or exercise that arm. You can also apply a clean, cool washcloth over that area, and drinking plenty of fluids is also excellent advice after being vaccinated.”

She points out that some individuals, who did test positive or thinking they had the virus, are having stronger side effects for the first 24-hours.

“They may feel that they have a sore arm or extra tired and sluggish but, even with that side effect, it’s minor and it’s nothing compared to the angst with being sick with the virus for 10 days or more.”

After the first vaccine dose, another dose will be administered in 28-days. Demuth adds that a person will not be fully protected until two weeks after the second shot.

In the meantime, all residents are asked to continue using masks, remaining distanced from others when possible, and to wash hands frequently.

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