Mary Alice Reporting –

Racial remarks made by a teenager, in a TikTok video, raised concerns with local law enforcement.

The video was created by a Dundee area high school student in mid-summer as Black Live Matter protests were seen across the nation and recently gained traction on the platform and was reported to the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office.

A release noted that the short clip showed the boy making “inappropriate and racially derogatory remarks that included a reference to shooting people in the head and starting the practice of slavery again.”

A deputy met with the teenager and his father, who showed genuine concern over the information and gave deputies permission to speak with the youth directly.

The boy expressed that the video was made, at that time, when he felt upset and angry.

The Sheriff’s Office indicated that no specific individual was threatened. A report was sent to the Tuscarawas Prosecutors Office; however, no charges are expected and deputies are expected to continue to have contact with the teen.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell stated, in the release, that “America is in a dark time and I choose to believe that America will be the light again. However, without reasonable words and actions from today’s Leaders and adults to teach our youth, our youth will teach us in the not so far future just how dark America can get. It is appropriate to be upset by the racial remarks in this video, however as adults, if you are shocked- you are only kidding yourself. Youth are influenced by all of us and it most certainly takes a community to raise a child. Right now, our “American community” could use some improvements. We owe it to our youth to apologize when we are wrong so that they can see us doing so and to reach out to resolve differences so they can see us doing so. We must preach caring instead of hate. We must teach them to be great citizens like the ones that built this Country.”

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