Nick McWilliams reporting – As the coronavirus vaccine distribution begins, scammers have pounced on the opportunity to pray on unsuspecting individuals.

Vaccinations currently being distributed have been going to high-risk individuals, along with healthcare workers and frontline defenses against COVID-19.

However, some scammers are calling Ohio residents, claiming to be providers or distributors who can promise a resident moving to the front of the line with advanced payment.

Those form of communications can come from phone calls, emails, postal service and text messages, along with any other viable form of communication.

To date, around 39 complaints have been made to Attorney General Dave Yost’s office related to potential COVID scams, with more expected in the coming months.

Never wire money as a payment for a vaccine, be aware no reputable location will ask for a payment by gift card, and understand there are no waiting lists at this time to receive a COVID vaccination.

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