Mary Alice Reporting –

A joint effort was put in by the Tuscarawas County and New Philadelphia Health Department’s to look back at coronavirus numbers last year.

As of early afternoon on January 7th, the county, as a whole, has seen 6,579 total cases, 5,479 people are presumed recovered, and death totals are at 168.

Director of Health and Promotions Jennifer Demuth says that 17% of fatalities, from 2020, were in the 80 years or older category.

“In the age group of 70 to 79, we saw a fatality rate of 7.3% here in Tuscarawas County compared to .5% for the state. So, what we’re seeing is true to what we know about COVID that while it impacts people of every age, the fatality rate is higher in those older persons.”

From the data, of the more than 6,000 cases, close to 5,000 of those were symptomatic and a small percentage, under 1,000, were asymptomatic.

Demuth points out that about 34% of people who tested COVID positive did have a pre-existing condition.

“The most common was cardiovascular condition [42%], so your heart condition. The next most common was a chronic lung condition [26%] followed by diabetes [25%], but we also had other various chronic conditions [37%].”

She reminds everyone that COVID symptoms don’t always include a fever, as 49% experienced a cough, 38% reported headaches, followed by muscle aches at 36%, and 31% of positive cases experienced a new loss of taste or smell.


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