Nick McWilliams reporting – Near the tail end of Dover’s latest council meeting, At-Large Representative Don Maurer detailed his open letter to Mayor Rick Homrighausen.

Dover remains in a back-and-forth saga between city leaders and the administrative authority in regards to Homrighausen’s ability to lead the city, amid claims of inattentiveness and unwillingness to handle city business, along other things.

Maurer’s remarks were brief, but he noted that he felt disappointed by the lack of attendance by the mayor to answer questions once again.

“We wanted to observe how you responded to a question. Processed it, gathered your thoughts, and then answered it. Those actions would have proven far more helpful than even the answers. But you didn’t come to council. Zoom and emails are a poor substitute for showing how a person handles interaction and discussions that go both and forth.”

Maurer went on to note while he was speaking for himself, he felt that based upon the words of fellow council members, his frustrations are shared across the board.

All questions for the mayor from council are to be submitted to Homrighausen’s retained legal team, under the notion they are public records.

Councilmember Sandy Moss also offered brief remarks with similar sentiments as Maurer.

“I have my questions. I’ll submit them. I really don’t care. I don’t want to hear the answers. The mayor had his chance to be here, and if he can attend other meetings, and other places, then once again, he should be sitting here.”

Homrighausen phoned into the council meeting and gave his report, but did not offer other statements, outside of agreeing to sign a contract.

The Committee of the Whole is scheduled to meet Wednesday evening in regards to the administrative investigation, along with a report of findings that was scheduled to be published Monday.

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