Mary Alice Reporting –

With pending litigation and an administrative investigation to take place, Dover city employees are under guidance to not answer any questions or inquires.

Mayor Richard Homrighausen issued the administrative instruction to all city department heads, supervisors, and employees.

Any employee receiving inquires or record/document requests are advised to inform the Administration Office. This also applies to any workers that may receive a subpoena or information request as a city employee.

Department heads and employees are also advised to not respond to questions or document requests from City Council members, their legal representation, or any other city official or individual “other than the mayor unless subpoenaed to appear to answer questions at or during a lawful investigation”.

Homrighausen ended the directive by thanking all employees for their understanding, their work, and dedication to City of Dover residents.

Meanwhile, Council President Shane Gunnoe says the letter is disappointing and that it raises several immediate concerns, one being the pending administration investigation, as this letter will prolong the process while making it more expensive.

“Hire a lawyer, get a court order and issue a subpoena and have it delivered to the employee. Each time we do that, it’s going to drive up the cost. My second concern is, on unrelated topics, council members need to be able to ask questions of relevant department heads so that they can craft legislation for the city. This letter pretty much impedes that ability.”

The next step is for council to review the letter and come together as a Committee of the Whole.

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