Nick McWilliams reporting – The Dover Police Department captain’s office received some water damage following a water line issue overhead.

Human Resources and Safety Director Gerry Mroczkowski told council the issue occurred last week, with the issue stemming from a soldered joint that failed on a half-inch water line.

He says that the city still has some issues to address following a notable amount of water coming through the ceiling.

“Although it was quickly caught, the half-inch water line did extensive damage to the ceiling, carpet, and computer. The water lines were repaired, or redirected, to supply the upstairs bathroom, and to isolate the unused restroom shower and sink. Which are attached the old police officer’s locker room.”

Mroczkowski says that the line fed a sink in the unused bathroom, and the city had to shut off the main water line to stop the leak, due to the shutoff valves for the water line that broke being inside the ceiling in the captain’s office.

In the meantime, the ceiling has been left open in the office, with the safety director noting that there was also some concern over electric wires that ran near the breaking point.

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