Nick McWilliams reporting – With winter still expected to bring plenty more snow in the coming months, the Dover Service Department reminds residents how they can do their part.

With the first substantial snow come and gone, and Dover along with other municipalities gearing up for the next wave, residents will be tasked with clearing their own driveways.

Councilmember and Utilities Chair Robert Mueller says that residents must remain cognizant of where the snow they clear ends up.

“People that plow, or have their lots plowed, must keep the snow on their own property. They can’t push it out into the street, they can’t push it across the street to the curb on the other side. You have to keep it on your property, and I hope people remember that.”

Ohio does not have an official state law on snow, but local ordinances exist related towards snow removal and disposal.

Residents are reminded to observe posted signs for parking cars on roads when snow reaches a certain depth, always give proper distance to plow trucks and remove vehicles, if possible, before plowing.

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