Nick McWilliams reporting – With changes in antigen testing reporting coming tomorrow in Ohio, state leaders are foreshadowing a noticeable leap in new cases Tuesday.

Antigen tests reflect the presence of antibodies within the bloodstream of individuals tested, reflected a recent bout with COVID-19.

According to Governor Mike DeWine, health departments have been unable to keep up with manual verification of antigen tests. However, given recent updates on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention case definition, the state will begin adding in those thousands of cases that are backlogged.

“We currently have 12,600 positive antigen tests in our pending queue. To address these cases and our pending queue, we will apply this updated case definition to positive antigen tests dating back to November 1st, when these tests started increasing and these cases began to accumulate. We will clear those backlog antigen tests.”

The governor noted that the backlog of antigen tests does not mean that all of those cases will be counted as new, due to some potentially overlapping with already confirmed cases, but the spike will be significant.

Ohio’s cases and hospitalizations appear to be plateauing slightly over the last week in terms of averages, even with Monday’s totals reflecting the sixth-highest county being the sixth-highest all time.

To date, only 10 antibody-positive results have been released in Tuscarawas County. In Ohio, antibody reports have not been made widely available, with now over 6.5 million tests conducted as of Monday.

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