Mary Alice Reporting – Law enforcement officials are still apprehensive as front license plate requirements drop off starting Wednesday.

Ohio drivers will no longer need the front registration on their vehicle after a decision was made by government officials last year and signed by the Governor.

Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Adam Fisher says he understands the concerns from citizens about newer vehicle models no longer providing front plate mounts and the idea that these plates take away visual aesthetics; however, the reduction could hinder investigations.

“There are residents who now have installed cameras on their homes, gas stations, other convenience stores, and shopping malls that do have the cameras. With the two license plates, we are able to more easily identify vehicles at times.”

Representative Scott Oelslager maintains that this will save the state almost $1.8 million, based upon estimations from the Ohio Department of Public Safety on producing over 1.7 million plates.

“And where that comes from is the sheeting to make the plate is $719,000. The aluminum is $839,000, the sticker would save $156,000, and then they have another thing called consumables, which I’m not totally sure what that is, was $80,000.”

The Ohio House Bill still requires the rear plate registration to be visibly displayed on passenger vehicles. Commercial tractors licensed in the state will need only one plate that must be on the front.

A standard issued license plate costs $34.50, which is not expected to change.

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