Nick McWilliams reporting – A man who poured gasoline on his wife and burned a shed to the ground on his property will spend at least five years in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

Ralph Hutzel Jr. struck his wife during an argument, before going outside and coming back with a gas can, pouring it on her on the couch. The 41-year-old lit an envelope and threatened to light the gas, before ultimately going outside and burning a shed.

Following a suggested four-year sentence, which would have a two-year, indefinite tail under Ohio Revised Code, Hutzel spoke before the court, offering remorse to Judge Michael Ernest.

“I’m sorry [doesn’t] cut it, but I am regretful for everything that I have put my wife through. I have not lived up to what a husband or a father should have been. I hope someday to … I can’t take that back. But, [I can] progress. I accept whatever sentence you hand down to me. And I do not plan on letting any sentence affect me negatively.”

Tuscarawas County Assistant Prosecutor Scott Deedrick did say that Hutzel has been in counseling, and has not been a problem while incarcerated at the Tuscarawas County Justice Center.

Ernest ultimately handed down a five-year term, with a 2.5-year tail.

Under the sentencing, he will have to register for life as an arsonist with the Ohio Attorney General, and received nearly 300 days’ worth of local jail credit for his time served from the September incident.

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