Mary Alice Reporting – Members of a local political party heard from an Ohio Supreme Court Justice candidate on several topics.

Sharon Kennedy was elected for her first full term in November 2014 and won re-election in November 2020. She is currently running for Chief Justice.

During her dialogue with Tuscarawas Republican Party attendees, Kennedy noted that she was recently talking with farmers from other Ohio counties about concerns related to rising costs.

“Not just what you put in your gas tank or what you put on your kitchen table, but what’s happening in your businesses, supply chain problems, higher prices for what you’re doing, and a growing workforce shortage. Everywhere I go, people have help wanted signs up.”

She also discussed rules of law, in particular, DuBose v. McGuffey (2022-Ohio-8) which relates to bond.

“Judges cannot consider community safety when setting bond. As a result of that, these cases are happening all over where violent offenders are having very low bond set because what the court then said is the only two things you can consider, what the defendant can afford and whether they’re likely to come back.”

The Ohio House and Senate have issued a joint resolution to amend this so that bond decisions are required under the Ohio Constitution to be cited by seriousness, the likelihood of return, and threat to community safety. It’s likely this issue will be seen on November’s ballot.

Kennedy ended with the importance of registered Ohioans getting out and voting in each primary and general election.

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