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Welcome to episode 7 of Bachelorette Season 20 in which Charity Lawson continues to be a fantastic Bachelorette and elevating this show beyond all expectations. It’s Fantasy Suite week, or, Overnights, or, Sex Week if you watched Zach Shallcross’s season. Thankfully, Charity doesn’t get tripped up by any of the hazards that several of the recent past Bachelors on this show have encountered. We don’t get TMI from anyone on how this week went– to which I say, THANK YOU.

Karen & Kayleigh recap and review the episode and discuss thoughts on the final men left for this season and the likelihood of who will be chosen at the end. Which of the men vying for Charity’s heart gets left behind this week? And which man from her past will show up in Fiji that was not expected? (duh, it’s Aaron)

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