Nick McWilliams reporting – With no real legislation related to short-term housing rentals at the state level, New Philadelphia administration is looking to potentially implement some rules.

Ohio legislators discussed potentially preventing municipalities from restricting the practice commonly associated with AirBnB and Vrbo last year, but to this point, codes have been handled at the local level.

Mayor Joel Day told council Monday night that local realtors have told him that there’s been an increase in demand for homes purchased with the sole intent of running short-term rentals out of them in New Phila. 

He says that business ventures are always welcome in the city, but hopes to bring about some form of standards and regulations. 

“The city doesn’t want to necessarily discourage this type of business development, but it does need to be regulated, just like our hotels and motels. Presently, short-term rentals are not currently required to meet the code requirements, have inspections, or collect and remit lodging tax as the hotels and the motels must do.”

Law Director Marvin Fete reportedly has already made some draft legislation for a starting point for council.

Some major cities in Ohio like Columbus and Cincinnati have placed their own rules and guidelines on the rental properties. 

The Economic Development committee is expected to meet in the common weeks to brainstorm about the subject.

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