Nick McWilliams reporting – A trio of New Philadelphia police officers were recognized by a council member at their latest meeting for their actions during a Saturday occurrence.

Councilmember Kelly Ricklic offered praise for the work done by the officers, who he did not identify by name, at a local establishment on Saturday morning.

According to the councilman, an individual who appeared to be in distress and possibly suffering from a mental health issue with confusion was involved in a discussion with the three officers, who used calm demeanors and professionalism.

“The one officer kept trying to help, and at no time were they in a forceful or threatening position to this individual. And I was very impressed, because what I see with this [is] the officers took some compassion and some patience with this individual, knowing there was something going wrong.”

Ricklic wanted to share the story to highlight the positive light it sheds on the New Philadelphia Police Department, and law enforcement as a whole.

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